Guinness Pretzel truffles

Guinness pretzel trufflesSurprising recipes is the motto of this blog. Guinness stout and pretzel cookies in one recipes is surprising, so I had to do this one.  I found it on an irish blog (of course), as a sweetie for St. Patricks day.

Ingredients for app. 20 truffles:

– 1 bottle of Guinness stout (0,33l)

– 225 gr. of semisweet chocolate

– 75 gr. unsalted butter

– 100 gr. pulverized pretzel cookies (with a food processor)

– crushed pretzel cookies for rolling the truffles

– some spare bottles of Guinness stout to drink


– Read the recipe carefully while drinking a Guinness.

– Put 0,5 dl of Guinness in a cup an set it aside to use later.

– Pour the rest of the bottle in a saucepan and let it cook for about 20 minutes until reduced significantly.  Be careful at the beginning as it may foam a lot and apparently it is quite sticky to clean up when overboiling.

– Chop the chocolate into pieces.

– Put the chocolate with the 0,5 dl of Guinness in a pan and warm it up slowly until the chocolate starts to melt.

– Add the butter and stir smoothy.

– Add one tablespoon of the reduced Guinness.

– Add the pulverized pretzels.

– Stir smoothy until mixed well.

– Put the mixture aside or in a refrigerator to get firm.

– Crush the remaining pretzel cookies.

– Roll the truffles with your hands and then roll them in the crushed pretzel cookies.

– Put them aside and drink one more Guinness to enjoy your work.


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