almond thins with mozzarella, fig compote and Ganda ham

almond thins with mozzarella, fig compote and Ganda ham

We had this appetizer on New Years Eve with friends. The original of the recipe is posted on the website of the famous Belgian artisan cookies of Jules Destrooper. You can make it in many variations.


  • Almond thins of Jules Destrooper
  • buffel mozzarella
  • some slices of Ganda ham
  • 100 gr fresh figs
  • 80 gr sugar for making compote
  • 10 ml red port
  • 1 teaspoon lemon juice


  • If you choose for the easy way, you can buy the fig compote in the supermarket. But of course, homemade is always tasting much better.
  • For making the fig compote, slice the figs finely, and cook the for 1 hour with the sugar, port and lemon juice. Do this in advance, as it has to rest and cool down.
  • Place some buffel mozzarella on the almond thins. Then add some fig compote and finalise with a slice of Ganda ham.

You have to serve them quite fast, as the moisture of the mozzarella makes the almond thins weak, and they loose their crunchyness. Maybe you can put some butter on them, to slow this process.

Instead of mozzarella you can also use some pate, which combines perfectly with the fig compote.



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