What you liked in 2018

An overview of the recipes that received the most visitors in 2018.


10 times surprising from the oven

Autumn and winter are the ideal seasons for creating delicious and surprising oven dishes. Over time, a nice collection developed, and therefore I want to give you an overview of my personal favourites. Please feel free to give me any feedback or new creative ideas. I will be happy to look at them and of…

Pork medallions wrapped in farm ham with a spicy curry cream sauce

I made this delicious pork medaillons wrapped in farm ham yesterday. As the summer is gone I wanted to make some real autumn style recipe. On a German blog (Emmikochteinfach) I found the basis: pork medaillons in a creamy curry sauce. Aditionally I wanted to use my last batch of homegrown cherrytomatoes. Finally I added…