red fruit mascarpone mousse

Red fruit mascarpone mousse is an easy dessert and a safe way to make your guests happy after a delicious meal.


potato-egg salad

This potato-egg salad is a perfect side dish for the hot summer days or for a barbecue outside. If you don’t like the combination with eggs, you might also consider to try the apple-potato salad I made on an earlier occasion. If you have a lot of guests, just make both versions and have people…

asparagus chicken-curry spring cocktail

I made this asparagus cocktail a few years ago, found the inspiration on a dutch website. It is a very surprising combination with chicken and orange in a Bulgarian curry enriched with sherry and curry.

Belgian blue cheese bacon waffles

Recently I have been puzzled when I read about an IBM Watson recipe “African style tiramisu with blue cheese”. I didn’t find this recipe, but I started reflecting about this combination. I had blue cheese and bacon at home, and decided to make my own “Watson style” waffle recipe.

Hummus bil tahini

In 2008 I have been on Holiday in Jordan. A great country with warm people really wanting to help you, and not ripping of tourists. We visited many traditional sites and could enjoy delicious mezzes. On my way back I had a cookbook in my luggage with the best Jordan recipes.

One of them is hummus, which I still make a lot in summer and when I have guests.

goulash experiment

In my supermarket, they sell chicken stomach. That is of course something that is making me curious, and I was wondering how to make it. But before you can make it, you have to buy it. In fact it is very cheap! I supposed it would need a lot of simmering to make it tender,…

Pangasius fillet in tomato-saffron sauce

This recipe is a creation of my own inspiration. I wanted to do something with fish in the oven and saffron sauce. The pangasius fillet was offered with a rebate, so that decision was taken quite fast. Then I looked at the ingredients I had available at home and made this combination. Ingredients: 2 pangasius…

Meatballs with pineapple

This is a recipe I made long ago for the first time, back in 2007. But I like to make it as an easy and fast lunch. The combination with pineapple and bell pepper is really great. I published it originally in Dutch, but now I translated it to English. Ingredients (2 portions): 250 grams…