Chicken Chowmein

Chicken chowmein is an easy chinese/nepalese stir fry wok recipe. you can make it with many variations of vegetables and with different kinds of meat.


Mango lassi with saffron and cardamom

Some time ago I made a mango-coconut cream, and someone asked me whether I could also give a recipe for mango lassi. A very good idea, and just as the malai kofta, it is one of the first things I enjoy when I go to Kathmandu. Normally this is the season for me to be…

Malai Kofta

the first thing I do (or almost the first) when I am in Holiday in Kathmandu, Nepal is eating Malai Kofta. I never have to think about what to order on the first evening. During the long weekend I had some time to experiment myself and made my own version. Of course it is not…